Master of Typing 3.8.0 (15.8.0)

Description for Master of Typing 3.8.0 (15.8.0)

Master of Typing 3 is an effective TOUCH typing course for mastering fast typing technique using all your 10 FINGERS simultaneously.


Variety of exercises: letters & special characters, words & phrases.

  1. Click Settings (bottom left corner).
  2. Please, make sure that Auto Difficulty is OFF.
  3. Select a difficulty level, and then a lesson.
  4. Select a lesson section using left / right arrow keys.

Auto Difficulty settings:

  1. Click Settings (bottom left corner).
  2. Select autodifficulty to move to the next lesson automatically if you do an exercise successfully.
  3. Deselect autodifficulty and select a lesson if you want to exercise letters of this lesson only.


  • Multiple levels of exams.
  • Accurate statistics results:
  • Best & average speed,
  • Best & average accuracy.
  • Tips system


  • Smart timer stops when you click outside the app window.
  • So, you can come back to the exercise and continue doing it at any time.
  • 3 themes: Light, Dark and East choose the most universally convenient theme that fits your needs.
  • Swipe and hotkeys for quickly switching between windows.
  • Colored keyboard’s scheme to memorize finger positions.
  • Ideal for selfstudy at any time.


  • English (QWERTY),
  • Russian (ЙЦУКЕН),
  • Spanish
  • French (AZERTY),
  • German (QWERTZ),
  • Italian.

For more information, please contact us via e-mail:

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64 bit

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What’s New in Master of Typing 3.8.0 (15.8.0)

Master of Typing has been renewed!

We gave a great deal of thought to the app’s design. Now it’s simpler, more colorful and user-friendly: we have changed it so that all the best features are within easy reach:

  • Know at what point you are: see on which lesson and exercise you are currently working on;
  • A colored progress bar will show you, how successful your work on the exercise was;
  • Stay focused: all unnecessary information will be faded once you start typing;
  • Instant access to the colored keyboard, difficulty mode, stop on error function and exercise statistics;
  • New language bar: a simple way to choose which language to type at 
(the tips and lesson descriptions will remain in the language of your MacOS);
  • Redesigned tips and descriptions: an easy and fun way to learn touchtyping basics;
  • Smooth animation;
  • Two Russian layouts: Mac and PC.

We hope you’ll like the new design and find it handy. We’re still working on the design improvements, so stay tuned.
Let us know what you think in the comments!



Master of Typing 3.8.0 (15.8.0)Master of Typing 3.8.0 (15.8.0)Master of Typing 3.8.0 (15.8.0)Master of Typing 3.8.0 (15.8.0)Master of Typing 3.8.0 (15.8.0)