JPG Compress 2.2.0
Name: JPG Compress 2 2 2 0
Size: 4.05 MB
Hash: 2f621d828f8bb6e6d0232625a0786e235b75ac3e
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Description for JPG Compress 2.2.0

JPG Compress 2.2.0

JPG Compress is a tool that used to compress jpeg and png files. It recompresses png files to a smaller size without lost any information. For JPG compression it uses two optimization methods, lossy and lossless.

The quality setting will reduce quality of those source files that were saved using higher quality setting. This option does not effect PNG compression.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

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Mac App Store:

What’s New in JPG Compress 2.2.0

1.Keep JPG File Exif info
2.Fixed resize bugs


JPG Compress 2.2.0JPG Compress 2.2.0JPG Compress 2.2.0