Virtual Vertex Muster 9.0.13
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Description for Virtual Vertex Muster 9.0.13

Virtual Vertex Muster 9 v9.0.13

Muster 9 is Virtual Vertex next generation render farm management and distributed data processing system tailored for films production, games development, and visual effects industry. Built on the top of state-of-the-art technologies coming from more than fifteen years of developing and stress testing all around the world, Muster maximizes your computing capabilities and let you delegate the resources automation and monitoring to a complete integrated environment.

Muster 9 features:

  • Totally multithreaded server engine allows unlimited scalability on multicores systems
  • Tailored for high end installations with autotuning preemptive updating and data exchanging system
  • Cross platform, runs natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Integrated web service based on jQuery let you mange your farms using multitouch events on your iPad or tablet
  • Integrated management environment with visual realtime feedback
  • Python based application support template system (write your own plugins to support additional render engines in pure Python)
  • Python 2/3 , C/C++, Java, .NET, Perl and PHP API to control server and clients from your own code
  • Wake up features through Magic packet, manually, scheduled or automatic, automatic shutdown of hosts based on customizable rules or overall load
  • Screen saver enabler let you start the renders when your screen saver is running
  • Custom actions through external executables or interpreters like Python
  • In process or external SQL complaint database support using sqlite or mysql libraries
  • Integrated users and groups management with permissions. Supports for LDAP and Active Directory authentication servers

  • Cross platform interoperability across Windows, Linux and MAC OS X
  • Enterprise class network logic with fault tollerance in mind, automatic connection recover and chunks reassignment
  • Support for splittable jobs (multiframe), image slicing rendering, single host processing or process broadcasting
  • Runs as console applications, Windows services or UNIX daemons
  • Dynamic connections/disconnections of render slaves
  • Support for multiple packages with builtin fully customizable template engine
  • Integrated image library for image slices automated assembling (single frame jobs)
  • Realtime visual feedback and configuration GUI supporting oneclick propagations of configurations (Muster console) and full featured command line tool (Mrtool).
  • Internal historing system for activity processing and report generation
  • Remote hosts realtime log streaming
  • Support for availability time tables to set time rules
  • Support for automatic login detection (when running as service or daemon)
  • Customizable reports in Muster console
  • Integrated connector for Autodesk Maya
  • Automatic network drive detection and mapping on Windows
  • Hierarchical job management using nested folders
  • Import/Export of queue snapshots

  • Pool management to include/exclude jobs in a subset of hosts
  • Integrated mailing list management and realtime notification about events
  • Support for job dependancies, start jobs after the completation of a different one
  • Support for floating point frames as well as negative frames
  • Support for 64 BIT external processes
  • System usage snapshots available in Muster console / Web server
  • Sortable and customizable views with custom workspaces
  • Detailed hosts usage monitor with user configurable alarms on processors usage, available disk space and memory usage

System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or greater
  • Intel based 64 BIT system (PPC support has been dropped)
  • 4096 MB RAM
  • 1 GB free on system disk

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What’s New in Virtual Vertex Muster 9.0.13

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Virtual Vertex Muster 9.0.13