YC Audio Loop Box v1.0 VST AU

Description for YC Audio Loop Box v1.0 VST AU

YC Audio Loop Box v1.0 VST AU RETAiL OSX-DECiBEL

YC Audio & Pyrit Music have teamed up to bring you ‘Loop Box VST’. This VST brings you 40 ready-made Loops with each one having 4 Instances available to use through the VST itself. These include dry, halftime, reverse and slice.

You also have a full FX Suite including Reverb, Attack, Decay, Panning and more.

Simply set the Loop you wish to use then key in the instance you wish to use i.e dry (Cmin), halftime (Emin), reverse (Gmin) or slice (Amin), then set the tempo and begin adding your drums.

The ‘Loop Box VST’ is designed to help with melodies by having them ready made for you. With strings, pianos, bells, choirs and more you sure have a variety to choose from… then all you have to do is add your own drums and you have a hit!

Product Details:
40 Loops
4 Instances for each Loop
Full Effects Suite
Windows/Mac Compatible
2.63 GB Download File Size (Zipped)
31.5 GB of Content (Unzipped)

Homepage https://www.modernproducers.com/products/loop-box-vst