White In Revery Luts

Description for White In Revery Luts

The Timbre LUT Collection consists of gentle warmer color presets for your films with a strong focus on balanced skin tone and versatility. This set of four luts was created to bring life to any situation – forest, beach, naturally lit interiors, deserts, mountains, direct and indirect sunlight, and even your city footage. You can purchase them below and start using them now!

We have spent countless hours and nights testing and building this collection so that you can get wonderful amazing colors in your films.

We’re calling this the Timbre LUT Collection. In music, timbre (pronounced tam-ber) refers to the color of a tone. It’s when you hear the same note, “C” for example, beautifully and uniquely given through different sources like instruments and voices. When creating our lut presets, we really wanted something that could be used beautifully in so many situations. We wanted something that would be just as perfect for a blue-toned city wedding as it would be for a directly-lit, sunny desert wedding. We wanted something that could look incredible for all the greenery surrounding a forest wedding, but also perfect for softly window-lit interiors. We wanted color presets that balanced colors when the sun is pouring in during golden hour and when it has fallen behind the horizon and the world is blue just before the darkness settles in.

We’ve tested these luts on several camera bodies such as Panasonic, Sony, Canon, and even RED footage and have loved seeing it come to life. These luts have felt richly versatile to us and we are proud to stand behind them.

Web Site: https://www.whiteinrevery.com/wir-lut-collection-timbre/