OverTone DSP EQ500 v3.0.0

Description for OverTone DSP EQ500 v3.0.0

OverTone DSP EQ500 v3.0.0 OSX Incl Keygen-R2R

A natural sounding, versatile, analogue filter modelled EQ, economical with CPU and system resources.

Digital EQ no longer has to sound digital. The EQ500 plug-in emulates all the desirable qualities of a professional analogue channel equalizer, while the elegantly simple design makes adding texture and colour – or taming problem frequencies – both intuitive and instinctive.

Styled as a virtual 500-series module, the EQ500 uses innovative analogue filter modelling to open up the frequency response and accurately replicate the more natural sound of analogue designs, without additional latency or high CPU demand. More efficient use of CPU and system resources allows more plug-in instances in a typical audio workstation project.

Homepage https://www.overtonedsp.co.uk/download/download_eq500/index.html