OverTone DSP PTM-5A v3.0.2

Description for OverTone DSP PTM-5A v3.0.2

OverTone DSP PTM-5A v3.0.2 OSX Incl Keygen-R2R

Based on the vintage Pultec MEQ-5 mid-range EQ, the PTM-5A emulates the sought-after passive filter character, providing a versatile equalizer capable of subtle sonic enhancement or more obvious presence – highlighting elements of a mix without harshness or fatigue.

Smooth controls with no ‘zipper noise’ when adjusting the plug-in settings.
Physically modelled rotary control modes.
Ideal for acoustic instruments, drums and vocals, the PTM-5A perfectly complements the more familiar PTC-2A Vintage Program EQ
Transformer-coupled valve / tube amplifier emulation enhances the desirable vintage tone.
Innovative processing models analogue filter behaviour – without additional latency or high CPU demand.

Valve / tube emulation adds subtle character even with the EQ section bypassed.*
*The EQ switch bypasses the filter section, leaving the valve / tube emulation in the signal path, while the ‘power switch’ provides a completely clean bypass if required.

Homepage https://www.overtonedsp.co.uk/download/download_ptm_5a/index.html