ColoFolXS 2.0.0

Description for ColoFolXS 2.0.0

ColoFolXS 2.0.0 macOS

A compact icon tool to color folders.

Click to enlarge Basic steps are very simple:
1. Launch ColoFolXS.
2. Drag & drop a folder to a color cell.

Or use as a Finder service:
1. Right- (or ctrl-) click a folder in the Finder.
2. Select “ColoFolXS” from the contextual menu.
3. Click a color cell.
Note: to change the same folder’s color again, these 3 steps must be repeated.

Main Features:
• Cell colors are adjustable with the color sliders or using the color panel.
• Possible to keep not only colors but also your favorite folder icons on the main panel (drop an icon image to the empty cell while pressing the alt (option ⌥)-key).
• Custom icon max size can be limited to reduce memory use.
• Finder tags can be linked to the ColoFolXS colors, so that they are added or removed when you change icons with ColoFolXS.
• Possible to list the items marked with ColoFolXS.
• Shortcuts can be assigned to the removal function and each ColoFolXS color (Note: they work while ColoFolXS is running, while the shortcut assigned to the Finder service works to launch the app).
• For more details, please click the ‘?’ buttons in the app.

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later