RNI ALL FILMS 4 – LITE Film styles 4.1 for Capture One Pro (Win/macOS)

Description for RNI ALL FILMS 4 – LITE Film styles 4.1 for Capture One Pro (Win/macOS)

State of the art film simulation

RNI All Films for Capture One is designed to bring the magic touch of film into your digital workflow. This package features 49 beautifully crafted film styles made after real analog film stocks. Rediscover film aesthetics. Create an emotional essence in your photography with RNI All Films.

Born from film

All RNI film styles derive from real film stocks. For present films we shoot the same subjects on both film and digital and then use our proprietary technology to produce a beautiful and accurate match in Capture One. For the films that no longer available we acquire negatives, slides and prints from private collections and use them as references while shooting similar subject on digital to match.

Subtle, elegant, easy to use

At RNI we stand up for good taste. Natural colour harmony of analog photos, timelessness and human craftsmanship are at the core of RNI image processing tools. Thanks to the latest versions of Capture One, our film styles are just one click away. Getting the most from your RAW files and digital negatives has never been easier.

Web Site: http://reallyniceimages.com/products/rni-all-films-c1-lite.html