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MacPilot 12.0.7 macOS

MacPilot gives you the power of UNIX and the simplicity of Macintosh, which means a phenomenal amount of untapped power in your hands! Use MacPilot to unlock over 1,200 features, and access them all with the easy and familiar Macintosh user interface. No command line tools or complicated file operations!

Display hidden files in the Finder, disable the startup chime, add spacers and stacks to the Dock, change the screenshot file format, run maintenance tools, tweak network settings, force empty the Trash, and tons more. Keep yourself in awe and busy for days as you discover how much Mac OS X has “under the hood”.

Get out of the passenger seat and take control of your Mac. Set your login window picture, use the screensaver as your Desktop, modify advanced file permissions (ACL), change the system welcome message, enable simultaneous recordings in QuickTime, view system logs, or enable the Debug menu in numerous apps.

What’s New:

Version 12.0.4:
Upgrade Notes:
This upgrade is free for users owning an active subscription or a non-subscription “lifetime license.” No action is required other than downloading the new version from our web site and unlocking as normal with an e-mail address. For all other users, orders for the current version can be purchased on our web site.

Now launches on macOS Big Sur and has basic compatibility. We are still in the process of verifying all the features still work, adding new ones, and updating the UI. We anticipate the full 12.1 release shortly after Big Sur is officially released. This will be a free update for all customers owning the 12.0 pre-release.

New Feature:

  • Set number of weekdays shown in Week view mode in Calendar.
  •  Show Calendar debug menu.


  • Updated default file, folder and app icons for Big Sur style.
  • Contacts debug menu no longer working; feature removed.
  • Locking of Dock magnification level no longer working; feature removed.
  • Finder interface simplicity level no longer working; feature removed.
  • Music app high contrast mode no longer working; feature removed.
  • Better job at determining sandboxed/container-style app preferences.
  • Removed numerous QuickTime Player features that no longer work.
  • Removed Reminders debug menu feature as it no longer works.
  • Removed Spotlight forcing dark mode as it no longer works.
  • Removed Dark Mode for High Sierra under system.
  • Using large 32px icons under Apps due to fewer core apps with hidden prefs.

Bug Fix:

  • Re-selecting Advanced from Window menu brings window foremost if it was already visible previously.

Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later, 64-bit processor



MacPilot 12.0.7MacPilot 12.0.7