File Search Machine 1.5

Description for File Search Machine 1.5

File Search Machine 1.5 MAS

The File Search Machine quickly finds:

File contents, large files, documents, photos, videos, audio tracks, applications, emails, other files, folders, packages, hidden items.

Ease to use, convenient work with search results and search speed – these are the basic principles in the app concept.

Optimised to work with extremely large drives of any type. Uses Spotlight & Find (file by file) services together.

How to get started for Beginners

• Select drives or folders to search.
• Enter a search string.
• Click the “Search” button.

For the most exacting professionals

• Shows file contents in File Viewer. Quickly navigation through search words in file contents.
• Shows the search result for indexed drives instantly.
• Supports any drive types (including non-indexed, external and network drives).
• Scans multiple drives and folders at the same time.
• Searches by:
⁃ All words
⁃ Any word
⁃ Phrase
⁃ Wildcard format. For example, the search string: ( beginFileName* and *endFileName and *partFileName* ) or exactFileName
• Searches for:
⁃ Files & Folders
⁃ Files
⁃ Folders
⁃ File contents
⁃ Files & Folders & Contents
⁃ Everywhere
• Additional search settings:
⁃ File type
⁃ Case insensitive
⁃ Hidden items
⁃ Package сontents
• Shows search result automatically or manually during scan process.
• Additional search according to the results of the main search.
• Saves search history. You can quickly find the search query and repeat it.
• Saves search result after quit.
• File operations from the popup menu of the result table:

⁃ Open
⁃ Open with
⁃ Show in Finder
⁃ Show info
⁃ Move to trash
• Ability to open any subfolder of the file path.
• Includes Spotlight manager to enable / disable disks indexing.
• Optimised to work with extremely large drives of any type. Uses a minimum of memory.

What’s new

– Improved app engine.

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor



File Search Machine 1.5File Search Machine 1.5