Copy+ 1.1.2

Description for Copy+ 1.1.2

Copy+ 1.1.2 MAS

The original “CopyCopy” mode eliminates useless data.

Favorite URL: CopyCopy.

Favorite picture: CopyCopy.

Favorite chat history: CopyCopy.

Of course, we also support Copy to record data once.

Hot Key
● “Command+C” Copy history to Clipboard again.
● “Backspace” Delete history.

Clipboard history
● Two original save modes: copy once, continuously copy twice
● Automatically save your clipboard history
● Unlimited storage, how much to save depends on how big your hard drive is

● Unlimited collection for quick and easy searching
● Favorite items will not be deleted automatically

Management mode: four choices
● Save clipboard history by duration
● Save clipboard history by quantity
● Clear when exiting
● Manual management

● Quickly record to the clipboard
● Quickly preview recorded content

● Record automatic classification for easy viewing
● Determine the source of the data based on the icon

● Quickly search for records with keywords
● Shortcuts quickly evoke the window
● Mini window and large window switch freely

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor



Copy+ 1.1.2Copy+ 1.1.2