Resolume Avenue 6.0.11

Description for Resolume Avenue 6.0.11

Avenue 6 is an instrument for VJs, performers and visual artists. Avenue provides you with all the media and effects at your fingertips so you can quickly play and improvise live visuals.

Idel is suitable for a local club or a big stage. You can use any number of video outputs. From a simple projection behind the back of a DJ in your club to the main stage at the big festival. If only your computer can detect the output of the image, Resolume can use it.

Basic features:

  • mixing HD Video live.
  • intuitive interface.
  • rendering in real time.
  • Blackmagic devices support.
  • audio analysis.
  • enables operation through a MIDI controller or OSC application
  • it plays both video and audio files.
  • has effects for both image and sound.

Web Site:

What’s New in Resolume Avenue 6.0.11


  • #10782 DMA Textures option in Video Preferences


  • #11410 Possible crash adjusting fixtures
  • #11131 Clip flashes last played frame on auto pilot launch
  • #11316 DMX inspector is initialized with random channel values.
  • #11333 Only write effect and ass preset files when they have changed
  • #11376 Resolume can have trouble starting without a valid audio output device.
  • #11139 Elgato game capture can’t be opened
  • #11116 Alley name missing next to windows taskbar icon
  • #11403 OSC absolute values are broken

  • #11334 Launching Selected clips with Enter works only once
  • #11236 Layer Auto pilot on Random always launches the first clip in a deck you switched to
  • #11381 Possible crash on start with Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 and windows 10
  • #11413 Tiff files with accented characters in the file name can’t be added to the composition
  • #10364 Gifs with alhpa have Alpha channel button disabled (greyed), switching off other channel removes alpha
  • #11425 Stingy sphere is black inside
  • #11485 Slice routed layers/groups duplicates not outputting any more unless previewed
  • #11351 “This..” target Midi shortcuts vs OSC “Only this…” shortcuts are behaving different
  • #11369 Clip Drag and drop doesn’t scroll nicely
  • #11406 Possible crash trying to save an empty palette
  • #11294 Line stride is incorrect on DV capture via AV Foundation
  • #11415 moving clip In/out points with shift only moves the value of the one you grab
  • #11384 Cue points are not imported from R5 compositions.
  • #11455 Crash receiving an OSC message without a leading /
  • #11385 Midi feedback for multi option objects with multiple shortcuts is broken
  • #11389 Fix Distance50 mixer not outputting premultiplied colors
  • #11390 Fix PointGrid effect not outputting premultiplied colors
  • #11388 Fix DotScreen effect not outputting premultiplied colors
  • #11386 OSC ../connectspecificclip and ../connectspecificcolumn no worky over int 1



Resolume Avenue 6.0.11