Logoist 3.0.5

Description for Logoist 3.0.5

From simple logos to elaborate designs: with Logoist 3 can create stunning images and vector graphics in the blink of an eye.

Our versatile application will give you everything you need to implement your creative ideas or to find new inspiration; Also, the application is designed for both designers and illustrators, as well as for novice users. Logoist 3 comes with a wide range of templates and is very easy to use, even if you do not have experience using applications for vector design. The wide variety of templates Logoist 3 makes it an incredibly intuitive tool for novice users and provides both powerful tools for professional users who will not find in any other application on the market.

Logoist 3 offers extensive galleries with shapes, styles, presets, clipart and effects. Work or combine existing elements or create any shape with versatile routing editors; Logoist is incredibly easy to use and offers a clear user interface, as well as powerful tools.

If time is short, you can use one of the assistants templates to create postcards, collages and logos in just a couple of steps. Edit and refine their designs to your liking and export your artistic creations in a variety of formats, including JPG, PNG, PSD, EPS or SVG.

Take a look at the screenshots: all designs that can be seen were created with Logoist 3, an application where even incorporating light effects and complex ornaments is a cinch. Logoist 3 is based on a fundamental principle: Use simple shapes to create complex designs and refine these by adding color, color gradients, effects or ornaments and decorations like fire, snow, grass, mountains, cracks and more. Logoist 3 is the best tool for all your creative ideas.

Summary Logoist 3:
– clear user interface and fully configurable, including light and dark mode
– Dozens of combinable styles, effects and filters
– Thousands of cliparts with a wide range of topics
– Hundreds of templates fully configurable style

– Combine different shapes to create complex designs
– non-destructive Boolean operations (union, subtraction, difference, intersection) while all vector information is preserved
– Flexible management group and an innovative function management layers
– All filters and effects are non-destructive and may be changed at any time
– All vectors and graphics, graphics pixels and effects are fully combinable

– Accelerated graphics by Metal 2, Core Image and Core Animation
– Compatibility with Touch Bar: fast grouping, undo / redo, changes between graphics modes, direct color selection
– Developed exclusively for Mac OS

– designed for creating graphical pixel elements for the web and products of independent print resolution
– Mode of X – rays for editing of complex objects and structures with layers
– Mode pixels to create designs pixelated accurately

– Import file formats: SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG, HEIF, TIFF
– Export formats PDF, SVG, EPS vectors
– Exporting images formats: PNG, JPG, Photoshop PSD including layer information, and layers as individual PNG files
– batch Export: Export multiple formats and resolutions simultaneously, ideal for creating artwork for web pages or applications

– Synchronization via iCloud
– Publish and share images easily via email, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter …



Logoist 3.0.5